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Colin Cummings is the youngest champion to dominate the air hockey table. Hailing from Houston, this Beaumont teen has been playing the sport since he was 9. He is a passionate player who has achieved miles in the sport at a pretty young age. His father Michael Cummings ranked eighth in the world championships. Michael believes sportsmanship and discipline are the biggest advantages of this sport.


Colin won his first regional tourney in 2012. He has never looked back since then. He has won two National tournaments finishing in top 10 for seven times. He won the under-18 Houston AH Youth Championships in 2012. He has finished as topper in Texas State Open, AHPA World Championship and USAA World Championship in 2015. He is currently world No.1 in USAA ranking.

The game of fame

2015 Air Hockey World Championships held at Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado witnessed an amazing battle between Colin and Billy Stubbs. Billy Stubbs was 40 and had been the winner of the championship four times. Stubbs who was defending the title won the first set of the finals but Colin fought back in the next 4 of the 6 games. Colin’s defence and offence techniques held the game too close requiring one goal to win on both sides. But eventually, it was an epic win for Colin making him the youngest champion ever.

Right attitude

Colin is known for his composure in a high-pressure game. He was playing against a giant in the game who was much older and experienced in the game. Stubbs was well-known as “The Machine,”. But according to Colin, he was confident and was never intimidated. The winning gestures started with jubilant leaps with a subsequent professional handshake with the opponent. This was just a display of the kind of calmness Colin maintained. His mother Shelly says Colin desires to be the best at whatever he picks up. He was initially invited by a neighbour to play the game on the air hockey table. Then the junior Cummings pulled his father into the game and the rest was history.

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