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How to Practice Pool Without a Pool Table

Pool tables are quite an investment, so younger enthusiasts may not be able to afford one. The best alternative to owning a pool table is to visit a pool hall regularly to practice and improve your game. The best players do not only use their time over a pool table effectively, they are able to practice certain key aspects of the game even when they are not around one. The following few methods will be helpful in improving your domination over the pool table.

Use a bottle

The best way to practice your pool shots when you’re away from a table is by using an empty bottle over a steady, level surface. Place the bottle horizontally with the mouth facing towards you and ensure that the mouth is large enough to allow a few inches of your cue stick in. The objective is to perform a pool stroke into the bottle without the cue stick touching the sides. Practice for a few minutes every day will help you improve your accuracy and quickly improve each shot you make in an actual game.

Watch videos of professionals

Professional players have been practising their moves for years, which is why their shots are almost second nature to them. Watching videos of professional games can teach you many things about the stance, strike and follow-through which you can incorporate into your game.

Read about different techniques

A game of pool requires a combination of skill, practice and knowledge. By teaching yourself the different ways you can hit and control the object ball, you will invariably begin using those shots in your pool game. This will not only help you make better use of your time over a pool table, but also give you more opportunities to pot a ball from awkward angles.

To improve your hold on any sport, you will need to be dedicated to it even while you are not presently playing a game. Developing mental strategies can give you a better chance when you are playing under pressure, and help you win more games in the long run.

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