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Note: the table used in this video may slightly different from the one you got, but the major installati8on steps are similar.

The first step: build the table base.

Note: there is one higher hole and one each corner leg, make sure the higher holes face the longer panel and the lower hole face the shorter panel. If you find the bolt cannot be insert into the hole, try another leg.

There is one higher hole.

and one lower hole

on each corner leg

the lower hole face the shorter panel

If you find the bolt cannot be

insert into the hole

try another leg

Please make sure the base is placed at its desired position, this is very important since the table could not be moved when the installation has been finished. It is highly recommended to leave at least 1.2m from the table edge to the wall.

Level the table Note: the two longer panels will be higher than the other two shorter ones, which is correct since the slates will sit on the top of the longer panels only.

Adjust the height of table feet to make the base level

Place the slate top on the center of the base cabinet

Leave about 1mm gap between the slates, this is for filling the putty.

Level the slates. Putting some paper pieces underneath the lower slate, the thin but strong papers will be recommended.

Filling putty into gaps and on chips on the slates, this can make the slates smooth and flat. “Builders Bog” is recommended here.

Sanding the putty to make it smooth when it is dry.

Drill holes on the pine strips

Double-check there is no dust leave on the slates before you attaching the felt.

Assemble the cushions

Look the cushions and assemble the pockets.

The installation is finished. Note: Once the table is assembled, please don’t try to move or life it, otherwise it may become uneven.

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