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A pool table can add up to thousands of dollars, that’s a lot of spare change to be unaware of how to care for your new pool table. Here you will find a few easy tips to keep your pool table the immaculate centre piece of your rumpus room.

Starting with a cover, this is something you should include in the purchase of your pool table; whenever your table is not in use always ensure that the cover is placed onto the pool table. Including a brush along with the purchase will allow you to keep your felt in the best condition it can be, always be sure to brush your cloth in the same direction every time.

Investing in a chamois will be perfect to your rails, frame and any wooden surfaces in perfect condition, do not wet the chamois prior to wiping over the wooden surfaces of your pool table, always keep it soft and dry.

Felt is very sensitive; always make sure that you are careful with any sharp objects that may come into contact with the felt. Do not allow drinks, cigarettes, ash trays or people sit or rest on the rails of you pool table this will damage the timber and potentially the rubbers.

Avoid having your table in the sunlight as this over time will cause extreme damage to your table. Over use of chalk can also be very damaging to the felt, be sure to always be scarce with the use of chalk and to clean your balls after use to avoid them travelling any chalk or dust across your table.

As long as you remain a responsible owner and give your table the love and affection it deserves you are guaranteed a gaming partner for life.

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