So, you have decided to purchase a pool table, but which one is best for you? There are many different styles, sizes and even types out on the market today, allow us to help you decide which would best suite you and your needs.


This might be the most important aspect to think about, other than price that is. In order to have a good time playing pool on your new table you want to be sure you have ample room to play. The last thing you want is to have to shoot your ball and have your pool stick up against a wall. To help you along here is a commonly used chart.

7’ Table 8’ Table Oversized 8’ or 9’ Table

48″ Cue 11’6″ x 14’6″ 12’ x 15’6″ 12’ x 15’8″ or 12’6″ x 16’6″

52″ Cue 12’ x 15’ 12’6″ x 16’ 12’6″ x 16’4″ or 13’ x 17’

57″ Cue 13’ x 16’ 13’6″ x 17’ 13’6″ x 17’4″ or 14’ x 18’

Optimal Dimensions 17’ x 13.5’ 18’ x 14’ 18’ x 14’6″ or 19’ x 14.5’

If room size is no big deal than we suggest opting for a larger table, but majority of the time you are working within certain size limitations, so please refer to the chart above as a helpful starting point.


Pool tables can vary greatly in price, the least expensive models range between about $495 to $999, the economy models are between $1,000 and $1,999, you then have the mid-range models ranging between $2,000 and $3,499 and then for those who prefer custom models you are looking between $3,500 and up, depending on your desires. As with anything you purchase you get what you pay for, while the least expensive models might be cheaper they are also lacking in quality of materials. If you want a good table that is right for playing on and looks appealing then the most popular level is the Mid-range level, there are many different styles and types.

No matter your budget you can always find a good deal if you shop around and look for specials that the stores put on throughout the year. Shop around and compare prices at a few different places, and don’t forget about the online stores as well.


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