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 Pool tables are some of the most popular attractions in bars and at holiday resorts.  These are also loved home accessories for people who enjoy entertaining their guests for a fun game.

A home pool table is a great investment because you can spend all of your off-hours perfecting your skills.  Playing a game of billiards is also great for reducing stress and tension after a long day at work and there is always something fun for your friends to do when they pop in for a visit.  

If you want to create the perfect pool area then you have come to the right place.  Here are a few great concepts that you should try for a great-looking pool table area.

Consider Your Available Spacedart

If you have a dedicated game room then any sized or type of pool table should work just fine.  But if you are limited on space then it might be better to opt for a table that is designed for small spaces.   

Modern tables are quite versatile. Some have a hardtop and double as a living room table, some can fold away so you can store the table against the wall to clear some space and some of these tables are multifunctional with different types of tops so you can enjoy different types of games.

At T&R Sport, you can shop for all sorts of fine-quality pool tables.  They have a variety to choose from including compact ones that are perfect for small spaces.  

Get a Storage Cabinet

Pool tables come with lots of accessories.  Lots of people simply keep accessories like cues, balls, and other items stored on top of the table.  This isn’t the best way to store your belongings or to care for your table. 

Get a large storage cabinet built into your game room or living room so you can store all of these accessories. 

When everything has a dedicated spot, your game room or pool table area will look much tidier.

Install an Overhanging Pendant Light

An overhanging pendant light is just what you need to draw focus to your beautiful pool table. 

These lights also make it much easier to see exactly what is happening on the table.  Try to look for a pendant light that is eye-catching so you can give your pool area a feel of luxury.

Choose a Colour Scheme

 You don’t have to stick to the traditional green billiard felt at all.  Today, you can switch your table out with all sorts of colours such as red, blue, yellow, black, purple, cherry, orange, and navy.  It is always a good idea to stick to the colour of your pool table felt throughout the billiards area.  The artwork you hang, the pendant lights you choose, and the stools you include in this area should complement the felt colour or your billiards area can end up looking too busy or too messy.

A Minibar to the Side

A game of pool is best enjoyed with your favourite liquor.  Try to make room for a mini bar in close to your pool table.  A minibar will make it feel more like you are out having fun at a bar or resort instead and can help you shake that everyday home vibe.

Add a Dash of Décor

If your pool area looks a bit dull then it is time to add some wall art.  You can focus on pool-themed artwork such as a huge framed print of an 8 ball or you can stock up on retro metal signs and install these all over your wall around the mini bar for a true party feel.

With these tips, and quality equipment from T&R Sports, we are sure that you will be able to create a pool area that looks stunning.  

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