Everyone loves a fun camping getaway in nature, however, sleeping in a tent on the ground can be uncomfortable and dangerous. With so many different components, ground tents can be fussy and difficult to assemble. While lightweight ground tents may suit quick backpacking trips or weekend campouts, a rooftop tent will save you time and space while maximising user comfort. The five main benefits of a rooftop tent are listed below.

  1. Easy set-up

Anyone that’s tried to set up a tent in the dark, after clearing rocks and sticks from the site, knows how difficult it can be. Ground tents require myriad components to prop and secure the tent. Skip the drama and opt for a rooftop tent. Setting up a rooftop tent simply requires removing the cover, opening the tent, and dropping the ladder. Breaking down camp is just as easy, and you can leave your sleeping bags in the tent.

  1. Comfortable alternative

Typically, rooftop tents have a warm foam mattress built-in, so a deflated air mattress won’t be an issue. Since rooftop tents are carried by a vehicle, they can use heavier and warmer materials. Your rooftop tent will be sturdier with thicker walls and ceiling than its lightweight counterpart. 

  1. Safe and secure

Australia is known for its wild and extreme animals. Fall asleep a bit easier while camping with peace of mind knowing you’re out of reach of creepy-crawlers on the ground. Being off the ground keeps you a bit safer than tucked into some bush. You can also keep your food stash locked in your vehicle so you don’t attract unwanted animal attention. 

  1. Weatherproof

Rooftop tents are built to last with rugged, durable materials. Stay clear of rain, wind, and snow buildup. When you are sleeping on the top of your vehicle, you can be sure that your tent won’t flood should you encounter heavy rains. The quick breakdown process of a rooftop tent can help you move out of harsh storms efficiently if necessary. Rooftop tents will keep you snug and sealed during intense bouts of weather. 

  1. Extra space

Cramming your sleeping bags tent into the rear of your car takes the joy out of preparing for your trip. With your tent on your roof, you have more space to pack fun items or more legroom for your passengers! Keep valuable items locked safely in your vehicle while you sleep. With extra vehicle space, you can pack the items you need to be prepared for any excursion.

If you’re in the market for a rooftop tent, check out the selection at T&R Sports. Rooftop tents are an essential item for dedicated campers and weekend warriors alike. With added comfort and safety, rooftop tents will enhance your camping experience. Forget the hassle of gathering tent poles and pegs; just slip off the cover and pop open your rooftop tent. Attach a rooftop tent and get excited about your next outdoor adventure!

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