Mobility scooters have the power to positively change the lives of those who rely upon them. Scooters can boost independence if you have trouble walking, or help you get around while you recover from an injury. Mobility scooters can help contribute to many social and mental health benefits and increase the user’s quality of life. 5 general benefits of mobility scooters are outlined below.

  • Easy to use

Today’s mobility scooters are designed to be easy to use and navigate. They are efficient and can be operated even by those with limited upper body strength. Modern scooter controls are simple and easy to learn. Practice riding your scooter in open areas until you are confident that you are prepared to react to unexpected situations. Typically, people become comfortable quickly and are soon ready to roll!

  • Allowed on public transport

Mobility scooters are allowed on public transport, allowing you to travel further than you would on the scooter alone. Buses and trains are equipped to carry mobility scooters and assist you into a safe seat. Many taxis also allow scooters onboard. With a mobility scooter you don’t need to miss out on family holidays, since these scooters are allowed to be checked as oversize luggage on most airlines. 


  • Increase independence and make daily activities easier

Compromised physical conditions tend to limit independence and make daily activities more difficult. You may opt out of daily outings because you aren’t able to move easily. A mobility scooter will allow you to participate in your own daily life, whether you need to go to the grocery store or meet up with friends. These scooters make everyday activities easier without the need for constant help from others! Although mobility scooters will help you move around, they shouldn’t replace physical activity entirely. 

  • No licence or registration is required

Mobility scooters should only be used in pedestrian areas and can only travel at speeds of up to 10km/h, so they do not require a licence to operate. Free registration is only required in Queensland; other states do not require scooter registration. Australia only requires that a mobility scooter operator has a genuine need to use the scooter. Be sure that your GP has physically cleared you to be able to use a mobility scooter. 


  • Available in a variety of models

Mobility scooters are designed to cater to many specific needs and preferences. Different models allow for maximised comfort and maneuverability. Smaller scooters can fold and be easily transported, whereas longer models will go further and feel more sturdy to the user. Heavy duty scooters can travel faster and navigate steeper terrain. 

If you struggle to move around during your day-to-day routines, consider trying out a mobility scooter. Carry out daily errands with ease on a specially designed mobility scooter. These scooters are available to help you transform your life and regain independence. T&R Sports offers multiple mobility scooters to help you get moving. Experience all of the benefits of mobility with a new scooter today.

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