The festive season is just around the corner and you are probably already dreading all of that extra weight you will gain from eating loads of festive treats and Christmas themed snacks. 

Christmas time is quite pricey with so many gifts, food, and decorations to buy. The sad thing about Christmas is that so many of the gifts you receive or give will end up unappreciated. This year is the perfect year to make a change for the better. Instead of wasting money on unhealthy or unappreciated gifts, you could opt for something better like fitness equipment. 

Fitness gifts are an ideal solution for all your family members because the new year is approaching and you can bet that the number one resolution on their list is to become fit and healthy. Here is a quick look at our top pick for fitness gifts that anyone would love to receive.

  1. An Indoor Spin Bike

Spin bikes have always been a popular device in home gyms because they take up very little space. Spinning doesn’t require too much effort either. You can park your bike in front of the TV set and enjoy your favourite TV show all while shaking some pounds and firming your legs.

  1. A Boxing Bag with a Suction Cup Base

Boxing bags are terrific fitness tools because you can get a full-body workout by just doing kickboxing workouts. Modern boxing bags with suction cup bases are also perfect for indoor use since they attach firmly to tiled or smooth floors so you can kick away without your target moving about.

  1. A Trampoline

A trampoline is the number one gift for any child in your family. Kids love bouncing on trampolines. These activities are also superb for building strong leg muscles and for improving their balance and large motor skills. Mini fitness trampolines for adults are also an ideal gift because jumping is such a good cardio workout and these trampolines are quite affordable.

  1. Basketball Hoop and Ball

Basketball is a terrific fitness workout that also enhances your hand and eye coordination and improves arm muscles. A simple basketball set is a great gift to offer all the young ones in your family this festive season. 

  1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the ultimate solution for anyone who is limited in space. These bands can provide you with a full-body workout if you just use them correctly and perform the right exercises. The elastic bands are super easy to use, one size really does fit all and they are super compact since an entire workout center can fit into a tiny box. 

  1. Weights

A set of light weights is an ideal gift for beginners who want to start with weight training. Weights are quite affordable and they are handy for toning and building strong muscles. You will also be surprised at just how many exercises you can do with a simple set of weights.

  1. Dumbbells

Dumbbell workouts are tremendously popular at the moment. You can get free dumbbell workout charts on just about every fitness website you visit. Dumbbell workouts are terrific for strengthening your core or for toning your arm and belly muscles. A simple dumbbell is an ideal gift for any friend who loves to work out.

  1. Gym Towels and Water Bottle Set

If you are shopping on a tight budget then you can also consider something simpler like a water bottle with a microfiber gym towel. These are lovely gifts to offer because they are so functional for everyday use.

These are just a few of the many superb fitness gifts to give this festive season. Check out T&R Sports today to take a lot at all of the above items and explore plenty of other options in fitness-related present. 

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