Air hockey is increasingly being played by double teams which opens up the game to many interesting possibilities. Due to more number of players on an air hockey table, there is a significant influence on the strategies that you need to use. The following game flow tips will help you and your team-mate gain dominance over the air hockey table:

Quick Scoring: The basic concept of this strategy is to make a fresh player score as quickly as possible without revealing holes in their defense. As a fresh player needs some time to get used to the pace of the game, he or she will be at a distinct disadvantage if the defensive stance is used. Instead, cover this weakness by aggressive attacks and try to score goals with a single shot.
Short possession times: The best part of a team-based air hockey game is that you do not have to carry the weight of the entire game on your shoulders. But at the same time, you need to identify which player in your team is “in the zone” and allow them to play on. If your team-mate is playing significantly better than you, reduce the amount of time you are in possession of the puck. Being a good support player is one of the most important aspects about doubles air hockey game.
Countering the opposing team:
Remember that the opposing team will be using strategies similar to your own team, so you need to identify the superior opposing player early in the game. Once you do so, try to keep that player engaged with you over the air hockey table for a long time so that you can break the pattern of scoring. Force the player onto the defense and tire him or her out with a barrage of attacks to keep them from turning aggressive.

Remember that a doubles air hockey game is not to be played like a singles game as there are simply too many contributing factors to consider. After investing a good deal of time over the air hockey table with your team-mate, you will be able to come up with unique strategies that work with your team.

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