The Foosball table is the most important equipment in the game as it contains a wide variety of features that can affect the quality of your experience. But a bad ball on an excellent Foosball table can completely ruin the gameplay, which is why you need to pick the Foosball balls very carefully. He guide given below will reveal what you need to look for while choosing a Foosball ball.

Find the right size:
Foosball balls are available in a variety of sizes to suit different tables, and there may be more than one type that works well with your Foosball table. When choosing a Foosball ball you need to first ensure that it will fit through all the openings on the Foosball table. Smaller balls are harder to intercept and control by the Foosball men, but with experimentation, you will find the size that works well.

Choose a suitable weight:
The weight of the ball also has a huge effect on the pace of the game and how reactive it is to small adjustments made in a shot. If the ball is very light, it will move much faster, but it will also be much harder to control. Heavy balls on the other hand, are easier to control, but some players may feel impeded by the added momentum.

Pay attention to the friction provided:
Foosball balls that are made of plastic or are smooth to the touch are very difficult to pin down on the Foosball table using the Foosball men. This drastically reduces the variety of shots you can perform in a game. Look for Foosball balls that are sticky and provide good grip so that they respond well to your shots.

Although Foosball balls are not as expensive as other parts of the Foosball table, the good ones may come with a heavy price-tag. If you are working on improving your game, you may start with cheaper Foosball balls and work your way up, or even consider purchasing used Foosball balls from a reliable source.

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