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If you’re looking for a fun game to add to your home that’s versatile, exciting, and easy to learn, consider purchasing a dartboard from T&R Sports. This inexpensive game is a fantastic way to entertain your friends and family all year round. Play indoors, outdoors, alone, or in teams – regardless of how you play, you’re going to have fun.

Not only is darts extremely affordable, but there are also so many game variations that you’ll never be bored. At T&R Sports, we offer high-quality dart sets at competitive prices. Here’s everything you need to know to start playing darts today.

Items You Need to Play

Before you learn the rules and techniques of playing darts, you first need a high-quality board and darts to begin playing. There are various levels of quality when it comes to dartboards, and regardless of how often you plan on playing, you’re much better off with a high-quality board and darts. Some boards are plastic with small holes for the plastic darts to land – these boards can be much more difficult to play on than cork boards with metal darts. There are also magnetic versions available.

The best choice when it comes to darts is a cork board with steel-tipped darts. Not only is this setup an authentic darts experience, it actually makes it easier to play. Once you have your board, simply hang it up on a wall and purchase enough darts to play with your friends, and you’re ready to start playing.

Rules and Regulations

Most dart boards are 18-inches in diameter, although there are smaller boards that are 16-inches. The dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, and within each section are additional sections that earn you various points.

The small red ring on the outside edge of the board earns you double points, and the red ring near the centre of the board earns you triple points. The larger green circle in the centre of the board is 25 points, and the small red circle, often referred to as the bullseye, is worth 50 points. While most people think that the bullseye is the highest-scoring spot on the board, the inner ring in the 20-point section is actually worth 60 points.

Game Variations

As we mentioned, there are multiple ways to play darts, all with their own unique rules and challenges. The most common way to play is called 501 or 301. In this version, players either start with 501 or 301 points, and each time they score, that number is reduced. The first player to hit zero points wins. What makes this version so challenging is that in order to hit zero, players must score on a double ring.

For example, for a player to go from 20 points to zero, they must score by hitting the double 10 ring. Playing Shanghai consists of playing in rounds, with limited numbers in play. In the first round, only the 1 section is in play. Each player throws three darts and earns one point for each dart that lands in that section. In round two, only the 2 section is in play. In round three, only the 3 section is in play – this method of play continues for seven rounds, and the player with the highest score wins.

Another fun challenge is called Around the World. The goal of this game is to hit each numbered section in a row. For example, players must start by throwing darts at the 1 section and cannot move on to the 2 section until they’ve landed a dart in the 1 section. The first player to successfully hit all sections in numerical order wins.

There are many more rules, regulations, and ways to play darts, but we hope this guide has helped you learn some of the basics. Contact the team at T&R Sports today to order your board and accessories!

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