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Kettlebells are a dynamic, easy to store, exercise tool that you can include in your home workout routine. These round weights are available in a range of different sizes and weights to accommodate anyone looking to boost strength and flexibility. Countless exercises can be performed with a kettlebell for a complete full-body workout. If you’re getting sick of the same old dumbbells, read below to learn more about how you can get started with kettlebell training today!

Training with a Kettlebell.

A kettlebell is a spherical weight with an attached handle. This design allows users to swing, lift, and curl the compact weight for an amazing muscular resistance and cardiovascular workout. Dynamic kettlebell exercises can also be performed to improve balance and stability as well as endurance and agility. The following 5 introductory kettlebell exercises can be incorporated into your daily workout plans at home or in the gym. 

  • Kettlebell Clean.

A “clean” is an exercise that involves lifting a weight from the resting position on the floor, to the racked position with elbows bent at the chest. This exercise requires a quick, fluid motion that can improve coordination and strengthen core muscles. With the kettlebell on the floor, use a deadlift position to grip the weight. Use motion from your hips to bring the kettlebell from the floor to the racked position. Keep movements vertical and fluid; the kettlebell should not be slamming against your arm as you reach the racked position!

  • Kettlebell Snatch.

Before you attempt a kettlebell snatch, be sure you have an experienced spotter or trainer that will help you perform the exercise correctly. This exercise builds power throughout the body with quick, explosive maneuvers. Grip the kettlebell in a deadlift position, then swing the kettlebell in a centered line up and over the head, ending with the arm fully extended. Repeat your desired number of repetitions for 3 sets!

  • Side Plank with Kettlebell.

Core strength is key in nearly every sport, and crucial for balance. Using a kettlebell while holding a side plank provides an extra bit of challenge to amp up the intensity of this workout. Begin lying down on your left side with your shoulder positioned directly over your bent elbow. Keep your legs extended in a straight line with the rest of your body. Extend your right arm directly upward in line with the shoulders with the kettlebell in hand. Lift the hips off of the floor to create a triangle space beneath you. Hold this position or dip the hips in sets of 10. Switch sides and repeat!

  • Kettlebell Swing. 

This exercise specifically targets the core and hips. Keep your core engaged the entire time to avoid injuries, and skip this exercise if you have existing chronic back problems. Plant your feet firmly on the floor with the kettlebell between your knees. With two hands gripping the kettlebell, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and swing the weight backward between your legs. Next, wing the kettlebell forward and upward while extending your legs into an upright standing position. As the kettlebell reaches the apex of its swing, compensate for the falling weight by absorbing with your legs. Repeat this swing!

  • Kettlebell Deadlift.

Deadlifts are a useful exercise that will help you become familiar with the kettlebell. This exercise can be performed slowly, so you can focus on technique and form. Use one kettlebell in the center or one for each hand. Bend your knees with your feet planted on the floor and grab the weights. Stand up by driving force through your heels. You should feel this resistance in your hamstrings. Repeat for three sets!

If you have just started a fitness plan or you’re looking to switch up your boring routine, introducing a kettlebell can have countless positive effects. Check out the kettlebell range at T&R Sports and get started on your new fitness journey today!

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