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Playing according to the basic rules of Foosball may seem quite easy, but not when you are up against more experienced players you would witness complicated strategies which makes it very difficult for you to score or defend an attack. It takes a lot of time and practice to master the skills required in a good game of Foosball, but you can improve your chances of winning by incorporating a few simple changes to your gameplay. There are many strategies which players use, that can be broadly classified into Offense and Defense strategies.

Players who tend to use defense strategies, rely on patience and observation to predict the attack patterns of opponents which they can then use against them.

Using the Goalie and Defenders

For a defense player, the use of the Goalie and the Defenders must be optimized. The position of the Goalie and Defenders should be such that it should be able to block most direct shots to the goal. It is very easy for players to lose track of the position of their defense as they are generally too involved with the offense, but having the goalie and defenders in good positions multiplies the chances of blocking an attack, improving the possibilities of a winning game.

Keeping the feet on the ground

The men on different Foosball tables may be constructed differently. Some tables may have the men come to rest with their feet down as soon as you leave the handle, while others would leave the feet in the air. The defense player would have to pay attention to this aspect as keeping the feet in the air would allow many shots to get through.

Vary speed and tempo

Quickly changing the pace and rhythm of your game can easily unbalance and confuse an opponent. This can be used to make the opponent think that you are going to attack, which would make him go on the defense, buying you time to reposition your men and better control the game. The most important aspect of a defense player is patience, as opponents tend to eventually get tired or take unnecessary risks, giving an opportunity for an easy score.

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