Air hockey is easy to understand and exciting to play, making them very popular amongst people of all ages. Purchasing an air hockey table requires you to pay attention to certain aspects before you make your investment.


First, you need to decide the reason you are buying a air hockey table. If it is for your children, a shorter and smaller table would make sure that they can play without straining themselves. Larger and more durable tables are more suited towards adults who would generally be playing with more skill and intensity. Tall people can enjoy the game better by using tables with longer legs, which does not require them to bend while playing. There are convertible tables which you can place above an existing table, which is excellent for home use. The stand-alone, arcade ones are more suited for outdoor and multiplayer games.


The place where you plan to install the air-hockey table should have enough space for movement so that you would be able to enjoy an air hockey game without injuring yourself. Take measurements of the area and then compare it to the dimensions of the table to decide which one would be the ideal size. It would make sense if you can keep the table to one side of the room instead of the middle, which can maintain the free movement of people.

Durability and additional features:

The more durable air hockey tables seen in arcades have a harder surface which withstands prolonged use, and a more powerful motor which allows the puck to move faster. There are many other additional features which these tables come with, like electronic scoring systems and overhead lighting. The cost of such tables are generally on the higher side, so you would have to decide carefully according to your budget.

Whichever air hockey table you may decide to purchase, inspect the surface and all other equipments thoroughly and check the warranty of the product. Additionally, you can check the different types and sizes of bats, pucks and other such equipments so that you can choose he ones that you are most comfortable with.

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