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Amateur players of Foosball may have noticed that when they play against casual players, the main characteristic of the game is a lack of consistency. Some shots are accurate and quick while some are sloppy, making it easy to volley a series of repetitive attacks that the opponent cannot defend effectively even when they identify the pattern. The following guide will help you improve consistency in your game so that you become a formidable force over the Foosball table.

Choose the right Foosball table
The main problem when playing with another Foosball table is that the changes in weight of the men, smoothness of the rods and friction of the playing area affect the gameplay considerably. Having a good, reliable Foosball table for practice will help you adapt easier to minor changes and you can bring your practiced moves over most other Foosball tables you come across.

Focus on mastering a select few shots and strategies
Instead of making your game reactive, start building your skills proactively. Select a few shots and strategies and master them with different speeds and on different areas of the table. When playing against an opponent, try to find the perfect opportunities to use your practiced shots and exploit them.

Practice with repetition
Even though you may have understood the dynamics of a shot, you will not be able to perform it effectively if you have not practiced it well. Be persistent in your practice sessions and repeat every type of shot over and over again until you develop muscle memory of your main shots.

Another important element of improving consistency is to focus on each game and have a mindset of constant learning. Keep distractions away, reduce environmental noise and focus on how the ball reacts to slight variations in the speed and angle of your shots. Also, during your practice sessions, dedicate a majority of the time to repetitive practice while keeping some time for experimentation so that you can explore new shots and strategies and choose to incorporate them into your game in the future.

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