Table tennis is a competitive sport, to say the least. Even when you’re watching the sport, you feel the tension building in the room and you feel the sheer force it takes to hit the table tennis balls. If you’re a lover of the sport, you may also want to find ways to improve your table tennis game. At TR Sports, we have the best table tennis accessories available to up your game. Below, you can read all about them.

Double Fish 4A Table Tennis Racket

These tennis rackets are best for your tennis table. With this package, you’ll be getting two double fish net rackets and a pack of tennis table balls. The blade of these rackets have seven layers and have pimples-in on two sides. The sponges are two millimeters thick.

A major benefit of using these rackets is that you can have above-average control, good speed, and good spin. With this table tennis racket, you can expect to improve your overall tennis game.

Our Table Tennis and Ping Pong Balls

We do our best to take our clients into account when their table tennis game is at risk. That’s why we make sure to have your ping pong or table tennis balls shipped to you within two days of receiving your order.

Not only this, but we also want to ensure that you can get the best quality of a good price. Our balls are of superior quality and have been used in settings like the Olympics. They are C.T.T.A approved and are available in the colour orange.

For every pack you buy, you can expect to receive 6 table tennis balls. This is enough to begin a game without having to take too many breaks.

Table Tennis Table Cover

Our table tennis covers are only suitable for indoor use and should not be used for 13mm table tennis tables. This table cover is resistant to U.V. lights and provides protection from external elements. This is important because the condition of your table will determine how the overall game is played. If there are scratches or marks on the table, your game will be affected. Your spin and control can be drastically affected.

Our Adhesive Glue

You can improve your ball’s speed by using our adhesive glue. That’s because with our 50ml tube, you’ll have enough glue to use it four times, once on either side of your blade, and two rubbers.

You can use our adhesive glue in DIY projects or to fix your table tennis accessories. If you need your glue to be elastic, you should know that the elasticity of your glue will improve when you add layers to it. When you use our No. 15 glue, a film will be formed and this glue is incredibly easy to remove compared to alternative products on the market.


Whether you’re an avid table tennis playe or simply enjoy having a good game when you’re hosting, it’s only natural that you’re looking for new ways to improve your game. All of the above accessories are available from TR Sports. We supply all the best accessories for table tennis as well as other table top sports. For more information about any of these accessories or about upgrading your table tennis table in general, contact our team of friendly experts at TR Sports today.  

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