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Foosball tournaments are a great way to popularise the game in your locality and support local talent while simultaneously inspiring more people to join your Foosball club. As the game has been around for sometime, it has an international presence and players generally start to compete in single table, local events and work their way up to international tournaments. If you are planning to organise a Foosball tournament, the following tips will help you prepare well in advance.


  • Securing the venue

Your venue needs to be some place that is already popular for social events. Hotels, pubs and student unions make for great venues for local Foosball Tournaments. It is a bonus if the venue also sells good quality food and drinks, helping the audience enjoy themselves as well.


  • Organising Foosball tables

You need to decide the number of Foosball tables depending upon the expected turnout. Taking the help of local sports shops may help you procure good quality Foosball tables for large tournaments.


  • Structuring the tournament

The structure of the tournament will decide how long the competition will go on with the expected number of players playing on the available number of Foosball tables. Make sure that the format does not have a loophole that can be exploited.


  • Securing sponsorships

Out of the many organisations ready to sponsor Foosball events, you may approach the ones who will benefit from the tournament. The venue, Table importers, Sports shops and other such local areas that will see an increase in visibility will be more willing to sponsor your tournament.


  • Publicity

Publicising the tournament well in advance dramatically improves the number of people registering to play. Using a combination of traditional advertising like posters and billboards as well as internet advertising on social media and websites helps draw in a good crowd.


Regardless of the amount of preparation, there will be plenty of things to do on the day of the tournament. Ensure that you pay attention to all the small details and reward the winners with prizes and match statistics.

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