Playing competitive Foosball requires you to focus your energies on the nuances of the game that can give you an edge over other players. As there are a large number of enthusiasts trying their hand on Foosball tables, any minor improvements in your game can help you stay at the top of your game. The following techniques will help you read the patterns and flaws in the defense of your opponent, so that you can exploit it to score some goals.

Focus your aim:
Looking at the entire defense not only reduces the chance of finding a flaw, but gives you much lesser time to prepare for a good shot. Instead, decide a primary shot before you look at the defense, and if it is open, fire away. The point of quickly hitting a secondary shot is to add an element of unpredictability in your play, while giving a good chance of scoring.

Vary your timing:
Some advanced Foosball players have elaborate defense strategies that makes it nearly impossible to find flaws, especially when you are under the pressure to perform. A good way to attack such defenses is to completely ignore it and focus on the timing of your shots. Decide which shot you are going to execute and then perform it after counting up to random numbers. This is a trial and error method of scoring, so use it only when you are against a much stronger opponent.

When you find yourself facing a really tough defense, hold on to your shots for some time before you execute them. Your opponent will end up spending a lot of time maintaining a pattern for defense, and with time, they will get slower and sloppier. You can use the end of your match to score a good number of points against your rival.

Amateur players tend to stick to a comfortable defensive pattern which is easy to exploit, but more advanced players are masters at varying their moves and reacting quickly to attacks. Some attacking players also set up their opponents by building up to a certain shot and performing something else entirely. With some experience, you will know what kind of tactics work with which opponents.

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