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How to Train for Table Tennis Alone

Apart from having all the equipment for table tennis such as a table tennis table
, paddles, and a ball, you would also need an opponent if you want to play a proper game. Many times, beginners and amateurs might not always find people that they can play against during their practice time. Moreover, the opponent needs to be at least as skilled as you are, or better, for you to gain any useful experience from the match. The following guide will show you what you can do to improve your table tennis skills by yourself.

1.Use targets

Practicing serves is one of the best things that can be done when there is no opponent. A match gives you very little opportunity to practice aiming your serves, but when you are alone, you can use small targets placed on the table tennis table
as practice. Keep changing the location of your targets and try to hit them from different sides of the table tennis table.

2.Watch videos of professionals

Professional players have spent hours at the table tennis table
perfecting each shot so that it works for them when they are under pressure. Observe their techniques and try and replicate it to the best of your ability, everything from the stance to the swing of the shot.

3.Perform your swings in front of a mirror

Once you have watched enough of professional players, you will know what a good swing should look like. Carefully watching your swings with a mirror will help you identify flaws in your movement and correct them. You can benefit from practicing your shots by looking at your movement in the shadow. Ensure that you pay attention to your entire form, including your footwork.

Table tennis requires a considerable amount of physical agility, a skill that can be developed by practicing your footwork over and over again. Ensure that you pay attention to the correct movements and start slow, at first. Once your body gets used to the natural flow of the movement, begin increasing your speed so that you can move from one side of the table to the other quickly and effortlessly.

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