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A game of pool is actually designed for two players who can compete against each other. But if you are trying to practice or work on your skills to help you improve your game against a future opponent, it is best to try playing some games alone on your pool table. The following games will help you build your strategies and skills that you can use when you are actually facing against an opponent over the pool table.

Fifteen in a row
Fifteen in a row incorporates all the balls that you would use in a normal game of 8-ball. Arrange the balls on the pool table in the rack aim towards pocketing one ball in every shot you make, including the break. You may vary the rules according to your skill. Beginners may aim towards any available shot while advanced players can restrict themselves to a predetermined sequence.

Target Pool
Target Pool is an excellent solo game that will increase the control you will have on the cue ball, which greatly influences the quality of your game. Instead of aiming to sink object balls, you will need to aim towards specific areas on the pool table. Advanced players can restrict themselves to the type of shots used to get the cue ball to the intended area.

Speed Pool
While the previous games are aimed at developing accuracy in your shots, Speed Pool tests how you perform under pressure. Arrange all 15 balls as you would if you were playing 8-ball and set a timer of 15 minutes. The aim is to pocket the balls in numerical sequence before you run out of time . Beginners can use around 20 minutes while more advanced players may challenge themselves by reducing the time to 10, or even 5, minutes.

These solo pool table games will improve the control you have over the game, making you more prepared to face your next opponent. The games may also reveal some key weaknesses that you can work on later so that your overall skill is improved.

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