One of the most popular table games in Australia is snooker, and whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into the game, learning about buying snooker equipment is a great way to up your game and improve your snooker knowledge.  There’s a lot to consider when purchasing your snooker equipment, and this guide will help you make your purchase decision.


Budget is probably the most important considerations when purchasing your snooker equipment.  Everyone has a set budget, and fortunately there is something for every budget when it comes to snooker!  Just because you spend more money, doesn’t mean you’re getting something better – there are plenty of budget-friendly pieces of equipment that are just as quality as some expensive pieces.

From entry-level equipment to high-end pieces, there’s something for every budget out there.  More common in less expensive equipment pieces are inexpensive and lower quality materials, resulting in generally lower-quality equipment.  As a general rule, the equipment is going to be higher-quality the higher the price, but as we mentioned, there is plenty of snooker equipment that is affordable and high-quality.


Consider design when you’re purchasing your snooker equipment – this is entirely personal preference and the style and design isn’t going to impact your play.  It’s always fun to show off your personality with the style of your equipment!  When buying your equipment, choose something that you enjoy and that works with your personality.

Custom Pieces

If you’re looking to really impress your friends with your new snooker set, you might want to look into custom pieces.  Not only are they fun to customise, but they can improve your game if you customise your pieces to fit your play style.  Be sure to choose the right length cue for your needs, and check out custom ball sets for some added fun.

Snooker Play Basics

Now that we’ve covered some basics when it comes to purchasing your equipment, let’s take a look into the basic gameplay of snooker.  It’s a fun and exciting game that’s great for all ages.  Similar to billiards, the object of the game is to slot different balls into the pockets on the snooker table.

There are 21 balls on the table that need to be slotted into the pockets, and each ball has an assigned point value.  The 15 red balls are worth 1 point each, the yellow ball is worth 2 points, the green ball is worth 3 points, the brown ball is worth 4 points, the blue ball is worth 5 points, the pink ball is worth 6 points, and finally, the black ball is worth 7 points.

The snooker table is arranged specifically with the green, brown, and yellow balls nearest the white cue ball.  From there, play begins – the first person to shoot has to hit a red ball for the first shot to be valid.  Red balls have to be scored prior to coloured balls, and players take turns shooting the balls into the pockets to score the most amount of points.  The points are tallied after the last ball is made, and the player with the highest score wins!

The full rules of snooker are more complex than that, but that is a basic overview of the rules so you can get started!


T&R Sports

We love snooker here at T&R Sports, and we can help you with any of your snooker questions.  From initial equipment purchases to clarifications on the rules, our team of snooker experts are here to help.  For more information on snooker or to see what snooker equipment we have in stock, contact us today.

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