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Foosball may not seem like a physically demanding sport due to the lack of movement of the entire body; but professional players know that a few frenzied matches can strain the arms, especially the wrists. Also, the pace of the game is so high that Foosball is more of a mental game than one that tests physical ability. The following few warm-up exercises will help you get physically and psychologically ready for a serious match.

Stamina exercises:
Preparation of a serious Foosball match or a tournament should ideally start at least a couple of weeks in advance so that you have the time to prepare for it. Your concentration is your most important asset and having good stamina will help you hold your focus for longer times. Practice getting your heart rate higher before you touch the Foosball table and maintain the level of intensity for as long as you can.

Passing routines:
A good warming up exercise is to pass the ball across your Foosball men over and over again. It is natural to feel clumsy if you are facing the Foosball table after a while, so let your arms get used to the game by practicing passing the ball. Pass the ball between men on the same rod as well as between your offense and defense rods so that your techniques are warmed up.

Shot practice:
Once you have a good hold over the passing techniques, you may begin executing shot combinations. If there is a particular technique that has been giving trouble in the past matches, try to practice it a few times during the warm-up. You may even warm-up your defense by having a friend play against you.

Every professional Foosball player has their own way of preparing themselves before a big match so you will need to explore different techniques to find out which suits you best. Remember that good preparation can help you avoid getting nervous or feeling pressurized so that you can focus on the game with ease. By dedicating some time to warm-up exercises, you can improve the chances of scoring some early points against your opponent.

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