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The cue tip may be a relatively insignificant part, as compared to objects like the pool table and pool cue sticks. In a game of pool, it is the cue tip that comes in direct contact with the cue ball and transfers the force that is generated by the player. The quality of the cue tip, therefore, has a huge influence on how much control you have over the cue ball. The following points will help you choose the right cue tip for your cue stick.

Soft cue tips

Cue tips that are made of soft material tend to absorb more force from the stick while it contacts the ball. This helps the tip stay on the surface of the ball for just a split second longer, helping you create more effective spins on the pool table. The trade off is the amount of maintenance it takes, as soft cue tips wear out faster. You will also need to replace the cue tip more frequently while using soft tips.

Hard cue tips

Hard cue tips do not absorb much force and try to push the ball away from the stick as quickly as they can. You will find it significantly harder to impart a proper spin, and hitting the cue ball away from the center point can easily cause a miscue. But these tips play more consistently than others and they require less maintenance.

Medium cue tips

Medium cue tips offer the best of both worlds. They are able to control the ball effectively and they remain more consistent than soft cue tips. Medium cue tips are generally a great choice for beginners and most amateurs, as they will be able to learn every aspect of the game with relative ease.

The style of your gameplay has the most influence on your choice of cue tips. Although medium cue tips are great for playing most games, it is not as responsive as a soft cue tip or as consistent as a hard cue tip. As you gain more expertise on the pool table, you will find that resorting to softer or harder cue tips will give you the advantage you need.

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