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Congratulations, you have taken your love of foosball one step further and decided to purchase your very own foosball table for your home. Now, that you have made the decision to purchase a foosball table you need to know what you should look for in your new table so that you get the proper table for your needs. Luckily for you we are here to help, below is a list of the most popular features of foosball tables.

Now, first you need to realize there are two grades of foosball tables, the professional and the home models. The professional models usually have more advanced features (counterweight figures, high quality table levelers, a coin mechanism and scoring systems).

Once you have made the choice of the type of table you want you want to be sure to spend some quality time researching that type of table online, read about the table, find out the companies that make the table, and be sure most importantly read as many reviews about the table you want before making the purchase.

Another difference you will notice is the amount of figures on the goalie rod, while some have a single goalie, some other tables have side defenders mounted on either side of the goalie, you know to help him out. In the United States this set up seems to be the way most foosball tables are made, while in Europe as well as many other areas of the world, the one man goalie system is more prevalent. Still not sure which way you want your goalie rod set up? Why not choose a table that lets you switch it up based on your mood at that moment. There are tables that allow you to convert your goalie rod from one figure to three figures as you wish.

Another main focal point on your search for a foosball table is levelness. Foosball is a game of precision, and having a table that is even the slightest bit uneven will alter the game play and give one of the teams the advantage. If you want to be sure your foosball table is always level, I recommend looking at the tables that have built in leveling system that way no matter where you put your table you can be sure it is always level.

After all the perks of your foosball table are decided then you have to think about the quality of the materials you want, there are so many to choose from, wood, wood laminate, plastic, and so on. Depending on the materials used to build your table the price range can vary greatly, maybe we should have begun with the budget instead of the perks? Check out our foosball table accessories and foosball tables here.

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