A young girl from Ethan, South Dakota, is taking the United States billiards talent to the world. Hannah Hohn has won a national tournament and has qualified to play at the Junior World Tournaments in Shanghai, China. She is part of a team of young boys and girls who are part of the Team USA heading to the tournaments. She practiced on various pub pool tables with friends to improve her game.

South Dakota native goes international

Hannah Hohn, a young girl and a native of Ethan in South Dakota, has won several billiards tournaments and championships all over the United States. The 16 year old has now qualified to represent the country on an international stage for the very first time. She credits her teammates back home who have helped her improve her game on pub pool tables over time and have encouraged her at every step of the way.

She is very excited to be traveling with a bunch of other young people she got to know and became friends with during the various tournaments she has been participating in. Hannah and her parents are excited about this international opportunity. Her father said that she had put in a lot of hard work and completely deserves this wonderful opportunity.

Hannah Hohn’s rise to billiards fame

Hannah has been having a great run at her game since June, 2015. She was placed third at VNEA junior nationals. She went on to become the top player at the 2015 Mitchell VNEA youth league. She then qualified for the BEF tournament by becoming the top female player at Billiard Congress of America Pool League (BCAPL) Junior 9-Ball Challenge. She also won a number of smaller tournaments to get a coveted spot in the national team.

Hannah secured an impressive fourth position among 130 competing athletes at the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Junior National 9-Ball Championships that was held in Lag Vegas in early august, 2015. There were participants from over 30 states at the championships.

Hannah is currently an honor roll student at her school. She plans to become a professional billiards player, but wants to pursue a degree and major in history alongside.

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