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If you are planning to buy a pool table for the very first time, or if you have got a bad deal on a pool table earlier on, it is important to understand what to look for. The kind of wood that is used to construct the fame of the table is one of the most important aspects to how good a pool table is. Slate pool tables are the best kinds, when combined with hardwoods.

4 best woods for pool tables

If you want a good, study table that will last you a long time, you should buy one that is made of slate and has a frame and legs made of one of the following hardwoods:

Oak wood
Maple wood
Walnut wood
Mahogany wood

Slow grown hardwoods are tough and can take a lot of weight, which is essential when they have to support slate, a solid piece of rock. Hardwoods can take immense amounts of weight for long periods of time without warping. Which means that you will be able to maintain the flatness of the table surface for many years. A flat table surface is the most important factor when playing cue games like pool and snooker.

What to avoid when buying pool tables

These are a few things that you should absolutely avoid in a pool table if you want good quality tables.

Avoid plywood and MDF at all costs.

Choose solid hard woods over young and lightweight woods.

Choose a table made of slate and supported with solid wood. Slate offers perfect smoothness and leveling for cue sports. Since slate is heavy, it should be supported by solid hardwood.

Choose natural gum rails over synthetic ones as they provide greater and more predictable bounce.

There are many large and small companies that design and sell pool tables. If you are a novice to the world of pool, it is essential that you read up a bit about the basics of pool tables and what makes them good or bad. Knowing what to look for can make it easier to choose and avoid being duped or misled. You will also be in a better position to understand what kind of pool table will fit your requirements to perfection.

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