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If you are planning to buy a pool table, but do not know where to start looking, then choosing the most popular designs today is a good place to start. Certain designs are immensely popular because they fit homes and other spaces well, look great and last a long time without warping or other problems. What are some of the most popular pool table designs?

4 most popular pool table designs

These are some of the most popular pool table designs for homes and commercial spaces. Although standard pool table designs are always a good pick when you are confused, these designs are great if you are looking for something different and beautiful.

Glass pool table – These tables use thick shatterproof glass as the main base for the table, in place of slate or wood. The glass may be supported by metal or wooden frames and legs. Some have the option of adding felt on the glass, while most come with only the glass surface for playing.

Fusion dining pool table – These tables are perfect for homes with smaller spaces. These pool tables have a sheet of wood that can be slid over the table to convert it into a dining table. Some tables can be flipped, with one side being a dining surface, and the other, a felt top surface for pool.

Brunswick pool tables – These are classic tables that are usually made of slate and hardwood. They are available in a range of designs and styles, with some very simple and modern designs along with classics to choose from.

Antique pool tables – If you want a more old school look for your space, then antique pool tables can add the right amount of the old school aura without making your space look dated. They look classy, elegant and are usually very sturdy.

If you are clueless about pool tables, these popular designs might be a good place to start your search for the perfect pool table for your home, pub, office or any other space. Many designs are such that they can easily fit into different kinds of spaces perfectly.

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