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A standing desk allows its user to stand while working, with the ability to adjust the desk position to a comfortable height. These desks can also be lowered to accommodate a seated position. Many people spend a significant portion of their day sitting behind a computer screen. Standing desks have proven health benefits and may even boost work productivity. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular among workers. Check out these five benefits of standing desks to make the most of your work day.

  • Lower Risk of Weight Gain

Sitting down for extended periods of time burns relatively few calories. A sedentary routine coupled with a poor diet increases one’s likelihood of gaining weight. Standing while working is proven to burn more calories than sitting. So, if you switch to a standing desk at work, you will lower your risk of weight gain by burning more calories. Exercise and a healthy diet are the ultimate weight loss solution, however small changes day to day can help decrease your risk of weight gain. 

  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Studies have shown that sitting for many consecutive hours is detrimental to heart health. Intense exercise does not necessarily make up for too many hours spent sitting down. Standing promotes blood circulation and engages core muscles throughout the body, encouraging your heart to pump more oxygen-rich blood. Scientists and medical professionals agree that utilising a standing desk is healthier for your heart than sitting for too many hours at a time. 

  • Reduced Back Pain

Anyone who has been on a long flight or car ride knows how uncomfortable it can be to sit for an extended time. Many employees that spend most of their day seated complain of back pain. When a computer isn’t positioned correctly, the user has to strain their neck and back. An adjustable standing desk ensures that workers are able to comfortably see their screens. Standing requires humans to engage core muscles, thus strengthening the back and abdominals. Using a standing desk while working may help to reduce back pain in workers compared to those who spend the day sitting.

  • Improved Mood and Energy Levels

Studies suggest that people feel less stressed and more energetic when they use a standing desk. This may be linked to the connection between mental health and a sedentary lifestyle. Often, people report higher levels of anxiety and depression when they are inactive for the majority of the day. Standing desks allow workers to use their bodies comfortably and effectively. This multitasking can help people feel more productive and satisfied with the work they’ve completed.

  • Increased Productivity

Standing desks do not hinder work output. Workers can use their computers while standing just as effectively as when they are seated. Paired with a better mood and higher energy levels, workers using a standing desk may experience an increase in productivity. In general, a standing desk will likely make workers feel better, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

If you are ready to improve your health and productivity at work, visit T&R Sports to check out their selection of standing desks. Make the most of your workdays while boosting your physical health with a standing desk!

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