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Boxing training with a heavy bag at home can be an exciting way to blow off steam and stay fit. Boxing is a dynamic exercise that engages your entire body. Training with a heavy bag can enhance your aerobic fitness, improve muscle strength, and lower stress levels. Beginning to train on your own can be a daunting task, so check out these tips to ensure you are hitting your heavy bag safely and effectively.

01. Look At Your Target

When starting out, make sure you are looking at your target. Boxing training bags don’t hit back, so it’s easy to get in the habit of looking down or around the bag. Keep your eyes scanning the entire bag. Locking onto a small portion of the bag or not looking at the bag at all will leave you vulnerable to opposing hits. Focus on keeping the entire bag in your field of vision to ensure that you won’t miss any of your opponent’s attacks. 

02. Keep Your Balance

Before throwing any punches, check to make sure you have sure, balanced footing. Movement is important while training with a bag or partner, so get used to circling the bag and moving side to side. Don’t rely on the bag for balance, since an opponent can take advantage of your instability. Keep your feet planted when throwing a punch to maximise power. Between punches, keep shifting to maintain an active defence. 

03. Be Ready With Your Hands

Your hands should be up throughout the entirety of your boxing bag training session. It’s easy to drop your arms after throwing a hard punch to give your shoulders a quick rest. While this habit won’t harm you when training with a heavy bag, an opponent will seek to maximise their offence while your hands are low. Use your hands to protect your face, with elbows pulled in to defend your body. 

04. Use Visualisation Tactics

Training with a boxing bag can help build endurance and finetune your boxing technique. Still, it is important to keep in mind that the bag is stationary. Envision an active opponent while training with a heavy bag to avoid picking up bad habits like not moving your feet or dropping your arms. Keep your entire body moving with your vision focused to ensure an effective boxing training bag exercise. 

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