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Air Hockey is primarily assumed to be a singles game, an most of the tournaments do not even consider doubles play as veteran players generally do not take it very seriously. In recent years, however, air hockey doubles are gaining in popularity due to the interesting dynamics and the heavy influence of team strategy in a game. As a result many air hockey tournaments are now supporting doubles games, challenging competent singles players to try playing alongside a partner. The following points will help you identify the primary differences between singles and doubles air hockey games.

The Air Hockey Table: As doubles games are yet to establish themselves in the competitive air hockey circuit, the equipment remains practically the same for singles and doubles games. However, the air hockey table will need to be larger and wider for a doubles game so that both players of the team can move around comfortably.

The approach: Air hockey doubles players frequently claim that a doubles game needs to be approached in a completely different way than a singles game. Although a general air hockey skill can help in a doubles game, a competent single player may not be able to perform well even against mediocre doubles players because of the changed dynamics. As a result the skill in a doubles game can only be improved by playing more doubles games and practicing extensively with your teammate.

Team-dynamics: Team-dynamics play a major role in air hockey doubles. You need to not only read both your opponents and find the best way to play against them, but you also need to share a great rapport with your partner so that you can work with each other and build a strategy that includes both your strengths.

Due to the influence of team-dynamics, you are not only needed to build your personal strategy, but also keep the morale of your team up while simultaneously look for weaknesses in your opponents. The increased number of players opens up a whole new set of strategies that can work well in a doubles game, even if it does not work in a singles game.

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