Frédéric Collignon is widely acknowledged as the greatest ever player in the history of Foosball. The Belgian’s winning record and host of trophies has seen him established himself as the untouchable king in world foosball.

Born in 1975 in Liege, Belgium, the youngster grew up playing the foosball, before joining the international pro tour circuit in 1996. Since his introduction, he became the dominant force in the sport, until his retirement in 2012. During that 15 year reign, he amassed 39 championships across all forms of foosball, including singles and doubles (with partner Tom Loffredo) and across all table types, such as Multi-table, Tornado, Bonzini, Leohart, Garlando, Tecball, Eurosoccer and Roberto Sport.

Abilities & Techniques.
Recognised for his “head game”, his quickness and his ability to rise to the biggest occasions, “Federeico”, or Rico, was quick to gain respect and admiration from his fellow professionals. His signature multi-option “euro-pin” technique was recognised for its efficient and effectiveness. Perhaps his greatest attribute was never to crumble and lift his game when the stakes are at the highest. His cool, calm demeanour saw him become the greatest player in the game.

The Best Year.
In 2002, five years after joining the international tour, Collignon had the most successful year of his career. He competed in eight of the year’s ten major finals. Out of the eight, he won six tournaments, the most ever in a single year.

The “Triples”.
Federeico is the only player in the game to “triple” at the World Championships three times in his career; 2000, 2002 and 2004.

In 2012, Collignon announced his retirement from the game. As he left the game, he was the holder of a host of championships, including the ITSF multi-table World Champion in Singles and Doubles and is the Tornado World Champion.

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