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Air hockey tables provide very little friction to the puck, which means that it is able to travel at blinding speeds and truly test the skill of every player. But because of the high pace of the game, air hockey can cause injuries to players who practice consistently. Given below are some ways to avoid the most common injuries caused by playing air hockey.

Proper stance and movement:
The best way to avoid injury is to use the correct stance and arm movement while playing the game. One of the most effective methods of learning good movement is by looking at professional air hockey players and how they play the game with consistency and ease. Avoid awkward angles and movements at all costs, no matter how much of an “advantage” you think you have.

Protective equipment:
Regardless of how much care you take to use the right stance in a game of air hockey, a few frenzied games does strain your playing arm due to the speed and strength required to make shots. Using equipment like elbow straps, wrist straps and other such supports help reduce the strain the game has over your body.

Practice time:
A major problem with amateur players who are impatient to develop their skill is the unregulated time they invest in practicing air hockey. Start with stretching and warming up so that your muscles are ready for quick reactions and bursts of energy. Spend only a limited amount of time, and ensure that you get plenty of rest for your playing hand so that it can recuperate from the stress it undergoes. You may gradually increase the duration of your practice session as your body gets used to the strain.

Remember to check any aches and pains that you may have if it lasts for a few days since you have last touched an air hockey table, as it can mean that you have injured a muscle in your arm. By taking proper precautions and paying close attention to your arms, you should be able to develop a healthy air hockey practice routine without injuring yourself.

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