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Cut-shots or angle shots are one of the most useful shots in a pool table game such as 8 ball pool and pocket billiards. Mastering the cut-shot in pool is an essential skill as it dramatically increases the variety of options you have at your disposal. The following guide will provide tips on how to perform a good cut-shot.

The shot:
A good cut shot is performed when you allow the cue ball to strike the object ball at an angle with the right amount of speed so that the object ball rolls away from the original path of the cue ball, instead of continuing the cue ball’s motion. You can hit cue shots at a maximum of 90 degree angle to the path of the cue ball, although this is a very difficult task to achieve.

The execution is the cut shot mostly depends upon the opportunity and the angle of the shot. Extreme angles such as those below 5 degrees and above 75 degrees are much harder to accomplish, so there is a certain risk factor involved. When hitting the cue ball, aim close to the center of the object ball for a small deviation and away from the center for a larger deviation. For angles beyond 75 degrees, it becomes much harder to make the ball move, even with a high speed shot, and perfect 90 degree shots are virtually impossible even with the skill of a professional pool player.

Practice and alternatives:
Needless to say, the cut-shot requires plenty of practice as each angle requires a certain amount of force and accurate aiming. If you are not sure of hitting the object ball accurately, you may choose to use bank shots as an alternative, especially for extreme angles.

The angle shot, if mastered, will always be of great help over the pool table. Remember however, that the cut-shot can be used at most for a 90 degree angle, so if you need to make a shot beyond this angle, it is better to play safety or look for alternative shots.

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