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Basic Air Hockey Competition Rules

air hockey tables
might be seen as a popular recreational game, but there are many professionals who spend hours on them to perfect their game. If you are an amateur, it is best to practice the game by following the basic rules of air hockey, as defined by United States Air hockey Association (USAA). The following guide will give you more information of how competitions are held.

1.To decide the first possession of the puck, the players need to resort to a coin toss or a face off.
2.When the puck enters the line inside the goal, a point is counted regardless of if it was captured by the electronic scoring system. The first player to score seven points wins.
The puck can stay on a certain player’s side of the air hockey table
3. for a maximum of seven seconds, after which a foul will be committed, giving possession to the opponent.
4.Placing the mallet on top of the puck is considered as a foul, and possession is given to the opponent.
5.The puck cannot be hit by anything other than the mallet. Using any other object would cause a foul and possession is relinquished.
6.Stopping a puck when it is on a clear path to the goal gives the opponent a free shot.
The mallet should not cross red lines on the air hockey table
7.. Also, the mallet can only be used on the player’s own side of the table.
8.If the puck jumps off the play surface, it is a foul. The player who caused the puck to fly off the table is penalized by giving possession of the puck to the opponent.

By practicing air hockey keeping these rules in mind, it becomes easier to follow them during competitions. You will also be better able to build your strategies around the framework of rules so that you would naturally follow each rule, and reduce the chances of committing a foul and giving possession to the opponent. With enough practice, you should be able to play the game exactly how it is meant to be played in competitions.

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