When to go for a multifunctional pool table

Multifunctional pool tables are made to provide a good surface not just for playing pool but also for other purposes like dining or playing other games. People who consider buying pool tables may come across this option and might not be able to decide between a specialized pool table and a multifunctional pool table. This guide will help you gain a better idea of what you need to consider before buying a multifunctional pool table.

Space constraints

People who stay in small apartments may find a multifunctional pool table appealing as it allows for better use of space by combining the dining table and the pool table in a single space. Most of the multifunctional pool tables would be convertible. Meaning, it may have a couple of hinges which cover the top of the pool surface to provide space for dining. If people want to play pool, you just need to flip open the hinges and use the underlying pool table surface.


There are many different brands, sizes and quality of multifunctional pool tables available in the market which means that the price range is wide. Low cost multifunctional pool tables may use cheaper material which may compromise on durability. Either way, purchasing a multifunctional pool table would require about the same amount of money as purchasing a normal pool table , as you would also need to invest in the pool accessories.

Changes in play

There will be some changes in the way you use a multifunctional pool table. As the hinges tend to leave a little gap between each other, through the middle of the table, you would have to make sure that nothing spills through the gap so that the pool surface would not be damaged. As the pool is not specialized towards playing billiards and pool, you may notice that the quality of your gameplay would reduce with a multifunctional pool table.

If you are already an amateur pool player and you are seeking to improve your skills, it is best to invest in a proper pool table so that it will provide quality gameplay experience. But if you and your family members are beginners, and low on space, buying a multifunctional pool table might not be such a bad idea.

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