Table tennis is a fun and competitive sport but did you also know it can be beneficial to your health both physically and mentally? Sounds silly I am sure, but it is the truth, that is why it can be very beneficial to you to have a table tennis table in your home so you can play at any time.

  • Playing table tennis can help improve your hand and eye coordination. It also helps to stimulate mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.
  • Helps to develop mental acuity, table tennis players are known to be better at solving puzzles because the speed, spin, and placement of the ball are all crucial in the table tennis game.
  • Table tennis can help improve your reflexes; because of the fast-paced, short distance nature of the game you can improve your gross and fine muscle movements as well as the fast-twitch muscle development.
  • Table tennis can also help improve your leg, arm, and core strength without putting strain on your joints. This is great for those who need a sport that isn’t as impact prone and injury prone as some other sports out there.
  • Just because you aren’t playing a contact sport or exercising doesn’t mean you aren’t burning calories. Did you know by playing table tennis a 150lb person can burn 272 calories an hour playing this game?
  • What a bonding experience, like any other sport you can make lasting friendships with others who enjoy this sport.
  • Did you know Alzheimer’s Weekly reports that table tennis helps increase motor skills and cognitive awareness? How awesome is that!
  • Improves your balance, staying balanced and being able to bounce from one position to another is key in winning this game, so it’s easy to see how playing can improve your balance.
  • Another fascinating brain improvement linked to table tennis playing, is the stimulation of various parts of the brain. This isn’t just a right brain or left brain game, with all the skills and thought needed to play this game and win you need to use different parts of your brain like the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for allowing us to form and retain long term facts and events.
  • Besides improving your balance and mental ability this game is also great for improving your coordination. It takes some skill to hit such a small ball and actually have it go where you want it to, the same can be said for having to hit the ball in defense as well. Check out our Table tennis table range here and also accessories here. At TR Sports we ship Australia wide to cities like Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney!
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