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If you cannot go a week without billiard games and want to pick up some tips from the pros, you’ve come to the right place. We may be pros at building modern billiard tables, but we also know a thing or two on how to shock your opponents in a match.

Nail the basics first

#1 If you tilt your head, you’ll be viewing the shot sideways. Be conscious and alert about keeping your head straight.

# 2 When you’re ready to get down on your shot, press your fingertips gently into the cloth to ensure that the hand you’ve placed on the table (your bridge hand) does not move as the pool cue comes through to strike the ball. Be sure to maintain this position till the ball has landed inside the pocket.

#3 Relax your back hand and keep your back swing slow and smooth. Don’t grasp tightly at the cue stick. Stay calm and increase the chances of the cue traveling in a straight line!

Aim strategically

If you want to play billiards skilfully, you need to aim properly.

#1 Practice the ghost ball technique of aiming. First decide where you want to deliver the cue ball, imagine the cue ball to be resting against the object ball at the point of contact, and stroke as if you’re replacing the ghost ball with the actual cue ball.
#2 Angle shots/Slice/Cut shots account for many shots in pocket billiards. Many of these shots need a little adjustment for throw. You can use a bit of outside spin to compensate for throw, where the object ball is pushed ahead a wee bit in the front of the cue ball upon contact.
#3 The distant point aim is useful for certain shots. For instance, if you have to play a thin cut and the object ball is closer to the rail, pick a point on the rail that you see easily to clearly view the contact point on the object ball.

Watch this space for more tips and tricks on billiards games.

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