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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Recreational activities offer employees a much-needed break from monotonous work. Games/Sports, in particular, have a positive influence on employee productivity and morale. So, how exactly can adding a soccer pool table to your office premises be beneficial? Here’s some food for thought.

A happy work environment encourages a positive attitude, and foosball can help with that!

Imagine a scenario where employees want to take a short break from work. The only option they have is to make small talk with colleagues, use Facebook, or hang about near the water cooler hoping that they’ll bump into someone interesting to talk to. What if they had access to an on-premise soccer pool table? They would be up and about enjoying a game or two with colleagues, get their adrenaline pumping and return happy if a little exhausted back to their cubicles.

Foosball adds excitement, color and fun to an otherwise sedate workplace. It gets your brain racing and doesn’t allow the tediousness or pessimism to linger. The work environment seems brighter and more interesting, which in turn, helps foster a positive, optimistic attitude among employees.

Can a foosball table make your employees feel younger? You bet!

That’s not an overstatement, but a rational extrapolation from a real-world study. A psychology team from the University of Konstanz conducted a study of the subjective ages of employees in more than 100 German companies. They concluded that in companies where employees perceive themselves to be younger than their actual age, they have a better track-record of accomplishing goals, and consequently, perform better. So, an employee’s performance also depends on how young he/she feels. And a playful office design with foosball tables, video games and colorful walls can go a long way in making employees feel young at heart.

What is foosball’s contribution to employee productivity?

According to the American Board of Psychology and Neurology, foosball can :

Improve alertness and concentration
Promote tactical thinking skills
Stimulate brain function
Enhance hand-eye coordination
Provide aerobic exercise
Encourage social interaction

Space and noise are two factors to consider when you decide to add a foosball/soccer pool table to your workplace. Place the table in an open spacious area where employees can play comfortably. Also see if you can separate the games zone such that the noise and excitement doesn’t disturb those working in their cubicles.

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