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Pool table games such as carom billiards, 8 ball and 9 ball pool are aimed towards a two players who compete against each other. Due to the immense popularity of pool games and the availability of pool tables in bars, pubs and games rooms, many people have created variations that can allow team-based playing. Some local tournaments also allow team-based games to attract people of various skill levels to compete against each other. The following will point out the major differences between singles games and team games.

Level of individual skill:
The first major difference in a team game is that you cannot rely only on your own skills to win the game. Each player has a different approach to the game, which means that your team-mates may not be as comfortable with certain shots as you are. You will need to find out which kind of shots are the strong points of your team-mates and try to position the cue ball accordingly.

Objective and strategy:
The objectives of a team based pool game will not be very different from the ones for a singles game. Teams can compete to gather more points with the least number of fouls, just like in most other pool games. Strategy, on the other hand, will be very different from a singles match due to the many new elements added to the game.

Game pattern:
Team-based variations of billiards and pool have to have a certain established pattern of play to allow each team member contribute towards the game. Most places use a rotation of players within the team, and alternating between teams to provide a level ground for competition.

Regardless of playing individually or in a team, a certain amount of skill in playing pool always provides a good advantage. However, many experienced players have seen that team-based games are much tougher to influence due to number of people who bring their own unique skills to the pool table. To get good at team-based games, you have no choice but to play a large number of games alongside and against your team-mate and develop a good understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses.

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