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Foosball tournaments generally allow you to compete against opponents in one-on-one matches. Team games in Foosball involving two to three players per team is not very popular in tournaments as the dynamics of the game changes completely. It is therefore, reserved only when playing with friends or when practicing a specific set of moves with a team-mate. But the popularity of Foosball team games are increasing and local tournaments are beginning to accept it with a proper structure of rules and point system. Although there are no official rules for team games on a Foosball table, the following will point out some differences between the games.

Player positions:
Most places that hold doubles or three-on-three Foosball games require players to maintain their positions around the Foosball table. That means, one player takes control of only two or three rods on one side, and retains control over those rods until a point is scored or one round is completed. Some places allow switching positions only when the team has scored a point, and the direction of switching positions is decided at the beginning of the match.

The rules for a doubles or a three-on-three game is not so different from a singles game. However there are some nuances in the game that is designed to test the Foosball skill of every player on the team. For instance, a variation of team Foosball requires the team to rotate one position in a predefined direction when they score a point.

The addition of more players around the Foosball table has a heavy influence on the strategy of the game. You will no longer be able to execute elegant shots that require the use of the defense and the offense rods, as the techniques that your team-mate uses in their shots can be very different from your own.

Due to the influence of team strategy in the game of Foosball, a good singles player does not necessarily transform into a perfect team-member, at least not without practice. To develop doubles and three-on-three Foosball games, you will need to practice extensively with your teammates and build collective strategies.

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