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A slop shot in Foosball is a much debated topic and many players do not even consider it to be counted as a goal, especially in local games. Such a shot involves hitting an unintentional goal when a pass goes wrong. The fast pace of the game generally gives you very little time to react when the ball is seen moving towards your goal when neither you or your opponent was aiming for it. The tips given below will help you improve your chances in blocking a slop shot in Foosball.


  • Place your men properly

The men on the Foosball table need to react and adapt to the strategies of your opponent so you need to keep making constant movements and adjustments to ensure that you are blocking the most probable shots. Most of the slop shots are rebounds so without properly blocking your opponents’ men, you will be leaving enough gaps for a stray slop shot.


  • Do not use the goalie to swing at the ball

As soon as novice players see the ball move towards their goal, they are instinctively inclined to use the goalie handle to swing at the ball in panic. Holding the goalie steady and capturing or blocking the shot is much more effective as you only need to position the man and not worry about the timing of your shot.


  • Keep your eye on the ball

The slop shot is, after all, an unplanned shot so the only way you will identify it in time is if you focus on the movement of the ball. A slop shot should bring out a quick, practised reaction instead of a frenzied defensive shot.


With enough practice playing against different players, you will be able to identify the normal patterns that are followed over the Foosball table. This experience helps you build an effective strategy not only against each player’s weaknesses, but also against any slop shots.

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