Foosball has been rising in popularity and to allow players to compete internationally, the equipments had to standardised. Now, most tables are constructed in accordance to these standards, which means that there are more professional players now than there have ever been in the history of the game. Observing any game played by professionals, it becomes obvious that superior ball control is not just a strength, it is a necessity. The following tips will guide you towards catching the ball in a game of Foosball.


Trapping the ball


When the ball is moving towards a man on your Foosball table handle, it is easier to hit it in the opposite direction, than to catch it. The basic reason is that the men on the handle do not absorb force naturally, you will need to use the man to allow the ball to come to a stop instead of simply hitting the ball with it.


Angling and absorbing


The impact of the ball hitting the man will need to be absorbed by your hand so that the ball has no kinetic energy left to roll away. This can be done by directing the force of the impact downwards to the table by angling the foot of the man towards the direction of motion of the ball without leaving too much of gap.


Gripping the handle


You will need to control the handle of the Foosball table with more dexterity if you hope to catch a moving ball. Some players notice that pinching the rod between the thumb and the index finger leaves the hand soft enough to absorb the impact of the ball while allowing the player to angle the men with precision.


As with any other move in Foosball, catching the ball requires plenty of practice and careful attention to detail. Once you are able to master catching the ball, continue to learn other aspects of ball control including passing and shooting.

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