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Choosing the right table tennis balls

Table tennis amateurs will realize that there are different kinds of table tennis equipment available in a sports shop. Most people are aware of the amount of influence that the quality of a table tennis table has on the game, but in the end, the main object of the game is a table tennis ball. Even though the official rules of table tennis require a 40mm diameter, spherical ball which is made of celluloid or other plastics and weighing 2.7 grams, there are many types of table tennis balls available in the market.


In tournaments table tennis balls need to be white or orange and they have to follow all the specifications perfectly. But the balls, which are used for recreation by children come in a variety of colors, sizes and hardness. In any good sports shop you would find table tennis balls classified with “stars”, with one star being the lowest quality and three star being the best.

For beginners

Beginners who are just exploring a game of table tennis would not need the durability that a three star ball provides. There are special practice balls or training balls which are soft. As it is best suited for children and beginners, such balls are used in youth clubs or schools.

For amateurs

For amateurs who are looking to improve their game-play, the table tennis balls need to be slightly harder. This provides better durability and the ball can withstand stronger strikes. The amateur would be in a better position to explore different types of shots with a range of speeds by using two star balls.

For professionals

The only type of table tennis balls approved by the International Table Tennis Federation is the three star table tennis ball. Not only are they the most durable kinds, but they also meet every stringent standard which is required for international play.

There are various manufacturers of table tennis balls but the tests and standards remain the same for everyone. It would be wise to use the right kind of table tennis equipment in every stage of your pursuit of the sport, so that you are assured that the equipment supports your level of skill and helps you improve yourself constantly.

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