Choosing a good table tennis paddle

As you develop your skill in table tennis, you will soon realize that the equipment you use has an influence on the game-play. Everything from the table tennis table to the table tennis paddle can give you an advantage or reduce your chances of winning. This guide will help you better understand what you need to look for while choosing a table tennis paddles

Know your playing style

Before you invest in a table tennis paddle, it is very important to explore the different areas of gameplay. Every person will be naturally inclined towards a particular style of play which goes well with their energy level, strength and temperament. The two most basic styles of play are aggressive and defensive, although most people use a combination of the two. You need to decide which style is more important.

Speed or control?

The decision for choosing a proper table tennis paddle becomes easier once you decide whether you need equipment which will help you hit more powerful shots or provide you with better ball control. The trade-off occurs due to the changes in flexibility of the blade and thickness of the rubber on the paddle. A thin blade combined with a thin sheet of rubber provides superior control, but it would absorb a significant amount of force in a powerful shot. As the thickness of the blade and rubber increases, it becomes more suited to deliver speedy shots.


Certain table tennis paddles come with handles which are straight while there are some which are thinner at the top and gradually flared towards the bottom. How you hold the paddle during the game will influence how comfortable each type of handle feels in your hand while playing. It is best to go for a paddle which fits most comfortably.

Some amateur players believe that it is best to go for a paddle which can be used satisfactorily with every style of game-play. However, it is a wiser strategy to purchase one which augments your strengths, giving you an upper hand in any match. It would, at the same time, make you weaker in certain other aspects, but if you practice on developing your weaker areas, you will be able to use the paddle to your advantage.

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