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Though pool and snooker are similar in their outset, there are some key differences to be identified. It should be noted that a snooker player tends to develop more skills than a pool player since the game of snooker involves larger tables, smaller balls, narrow and lead-in curved pockets. The game of Snooker is popular in countries like Canada, Australia, and India.

The game of pool, on the other hand, is very popular in the United States. People who master the game of Snooker tend to perform well on a pool table because of the high accuracy levels.

 While that are the differences between the games, what about the tables themselves? We break down the key points for you!

 Size Of The Table:

It should be noted that the official sanctioned pool table is 8 feet long and the tournament board is 9 feet long. There are also bar and coin op pool tables which come in two different sizes (6&7 feet). As stated, snooker tables are larger than pool tables in all the aspects. The standard American pool table is 10 feet long and the Standard British table is 12 feet long. Snooker tables are also known as English Pool tables. The standard British pool tables are equipped with an 11/2″- 2″ slate and the American tables carry slates similar to the pool table.


The Rails and Cushions:

It should be noted that cushions on pool boards come in a variety of sizes. Table manufacturers use high- quality K-55 and K-56 profiles which carry a pyramidal shape or a V shape. The Standard American pool tables are also equipped with pyramidal shaped or V shaped cushions. The standard British snooker table manufacturers use an L shaped or a stepped rubber instead of the V shape. It should be noted that high-quality K-66 profile material is being used to manufacture these snooker tables.

 The Cloth:

Green is considered to be the standard colour on pool tables. The colour could actually vary upon the option that the manufacturers provide. The quality of the cloth is a crucial factor to consider when dealing with pool tables. You will have to do regular replacements if you use a cheap and low-quality cloth for the purpose and it will also develop wool sweaters over time. Simonis 860 is a high -quality cloth which most of the pool table manufacturers use. Simonis 760 cloth would be the ideal pick for snooker table as the game is quite fast and complicated. High-end tournament tables are being crafted using 100% wool weaved cloth and it assures great durability as well.

 The Big One – The Prices!

There are some attractive prices on pool and snooker tables. The price depends on the size and the quality of the table. You can buy an average quality standard sized pool table for about $800 and a snooker table would cost you around $1200-1500. The prices will increase depending on your customisation to the tables.

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