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Table tennis is the world’s third fastest game being played at home. It is played across all parts of the globe, and there are a couple of reasons why:

  • It helps you improve both mental and physical health.

  • The game improves your quick reflexes, skill, and coordination.

  • It is a great way to socialise with family and friends

  • It brings the family together

  • It is the kind of sport which can be played for leisure (and if you are looking to make it to a competition, it’s great to have one at home for practice!)

 But while everyone has a different reason for playing table tennis, there is always one consistency: it is always best to have the perfect branded table.

There are various kinds of table tennis brands that are made for different purposes. And while your reason might differ from someone’s else’s, you want to experience a good game of table tennis, as well as have a table that is going to last for years.

And that is why you should know which table tennis table is best for you. Below we have given you three of the top selling table tennis tables in the market.


Butterfly Fitness Table Tennis

The Butterfly is the most popular brand in table tennis. The modern 16mm fitness table tennis table is flexible (as it can fold and be stored away) and is perfect for the indoors games. This particular table is usually made thinner than the rest which makes it ideal for playing a leisure game of table tennis to retain your fitness. If you are table tennis player who plays club level or any other class level, it is advisable to always go for a thicker table.

 The Kettler Spin Series

The Kettler Spin Series tables come under an excellent quality range of tables. The range of tables that come under the brand of Kettler spin varies from $219 to even up to $509. The price range of the tables differs due to its features and options. Customers will have the choice to select what they prefer. This is another series that is more focused on entertainment and fun, as opposed to competition.

 The Kettler Smash Series

The Kettler Smash series is made as an outdoor table tennis table The tables that come under Kettler Smash Series are weatherproof and within a size of 22mm. This durable and sturdy table tennis tables are meant to endure the outdoors and embrace the changing weather. As a beginner or a pro, you’ll have competitive fun with these high-quality outdoor table tennis tables.

 While these are the top three top table brands, you can always get one that is custom made for you. This is T&R Sports comes in. We have the range of table tennis tables that can suit your requirements and needs. Contact T&R Sports today for the best table tennis tables in Australia!

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