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To the untrained eye, a game of pool and a game of snooker would look the same. They are, however, completely different games with different sets of rules, equipment and table regulations. Given below are some of the differences that pool tables have when compared to snooker tables.

Pool Tables:

Pool is more popular in the USA, as compared to snooker. Pool tables are comparatively smaller and shorter than snooker tables. They have six pockets, one on each long side and one in each corner. These tables come with equipped with 15 object balls, a triangle rack and, of course, the white cue ball. The balls are 2.25 inches in diameter and weigh between 5 and a half to 6 ounces, and competition rules demand that they should be unpolished and not waxed.

There are different sizes of pool tables available, ranging from seven feet to ten feet in length. Some residential tables may be smaller, measuring about six feet in length. The pool table pockets are slightly larger than snooker pockets. The cloth which is used on the surface of the pool table generally generates more friction than the snooker table. They are marked with a foot and head spot at the top and bottom respectively, with the first ball of the triangular rack placed at the foot spot.

Snooker tables:

Snooker is generally more popular in places which were colonized by Great Britain, like Australia and India. The tables are comparatively larger and higher than pool tables, with European standards demanding that they should measure 12×6 feet. Like pool tables, they have six pockets, one on each long side and one in each corner.

The pockets are smaller than pool pockets and the gateway is curved, unlike pool pockets which does not use curved cushions. The increased table size and smaller pockets make the game a little harder to master than pool. There are 21 balls at play and one white cue ball, all of which are 2.125 inches in diameter which is considerably smaller than a ball used at pool.

The cloth used in Snooker tables is much smoother, allowing faster ball speeds. It is marked with a “D” at the bottom, one spot at the middle, one spot between the middle and the top end, and one spot close to the top end.

The games played on Pool and Snooker tables are different, yet all of them require similar skill and ability. If you practice on one of the tables, especially the snooker table, you would find that your skills can be applied to the other games too.

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