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A Foosball game is simple enough to learn and very entertaining to play. If you are considering purchasing one for yourself, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.


The materials and craftsmanship that goes into making Foosball tables vary greatly for home models and professional tables. Either way, they may come in plastic, metal or laminate wood, or solid wood with plastic being the cheapest and solid wood being the costliest. The material also decides the weight and durability. Plastic ones are considerably cheaper, but they are also not very durable or stable. Solid wood, on the other hand is expensive and heavy,, but it would last many years of harsh weather.

Check the level:

No matter the seriousness of the game, Foosball involves a lot of precision, and any changes in the level of the table can dramatically alter the game. The level of the table surface needs to be checked thoroughly before you purchase it. Most tables come with adjustable legs ad leveling systems which come of use wherever you install it.

The number of men on the last rod:

When you check different Foosball tables, you may notice that the number of men on the Goalie rod is different for different tables. Most of the tables in America have three men, that is one goalie and two side defenders, on the goalie rod; while many places in Europe use only one man on the goalie rod.

The rod construction:

The weight of the rods effects the speed of your strikes, so hollow rods would mean that your game would be faster and more exciting than using solid rods. Another aspect you must consider during purchase is if you would need telescoping rods. These are designed to protect children who may stand too close to the table as the rods do not come out of the other end.


The smoother and harder a surface is, the faster the game-play Smooth tables are usually considered to be the best as the game can be improved with a variety of skillful shots.

In the end, make sure you check the warranty duration and terms on each equipment you buy. Also, it would be a good idea to check if you have nearby stores which sell individual parts so that you may replace them when they are damaged.

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