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Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis is primarily an indoor game but there are many places which keep the tables outside. If you are confused about what kind of table tennis tables
to purchase, this guide will tell you about the basic differences between the two variants.

1、Indoor table tennis tables have a better playing surface

Table tennis competitions and tournaments use only indoor table tennis tables because they provide much superior playing surface as compared to outdoor tables. The reason is because all the materials in an indoor table tennis table is dedicated towards giving a great playing surface, while the ones used for outdoor table tennis tables
are chosen to improve its resilience against the elements.

2、Indoor table tennis tables cannot withstand sunlight

Indoor tables are made of wood so they need to be stored in a place which does not have extreme variations in temperature or humidity. Some may believe that an indoor table tennis table can be used outside for some time. But there are many things to consider such as the wind speed, intensity of sunlight etc which can warp and permanently damage the table. Even a few minutes of direct sunlight can warp it.

3、Outdoor tables may use materials like concrete and steel instead of wood.

The objective in manufacturing an outdoor table tennis table is not just to provide a playing surface but to withstand windy conditions, sunlight, temperature variations and other such changes. Weatherproof materials like galvanized steel and concrete is used to construct a durable table. Needless to say, the weight and cost of these tables is considerably more than indoor tables.

It is best to choose an outdoortable tennis tables
if you plan to install the table outside permanently. You would need to consider the long term costs of such a table too, as their durability depends upon the materials used in their construction and the variation in weather conditions. If, however, you plan to use the table as a practice for competitions, indoor table tennis tables provide the perfect platform for your development.

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